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Simmons reports that country music listeners tend to be women aged 25 to 54, with lower incomes than women in the Top 40 audience. Beware of too much of a good thing. Instead of referring to political prisoners, Amnesty International uses a more convincing expression, prisoners of conscience. The second Bush administration insisted that Afgan fighters caught when the Taliban government was overthrown were detainees, a term that allowed the government to circumvent international rules regarding the treatment of political prisoners (which, by definition, the detainees were not). Forums and town meetings are speeches with questions and generally lively discussion, usually on topics of civic or public interest. Edward Bernays, the public relations pioneer who rooted the profession in social psychology, said he had achieved semantic tyranny with his name for the anniversary campaign to commemorate Thomas Edison's invention of the electric light.

Special-interest newspapers are devoted to issues such as the arts, business, sports or entertainment. Public relations practitioners should be prepared to help organizations engage their publics both in word and deed. Repentance signals an organization's full atonement in the classic sense that it turns away from a former position and becomes an advocate for a new way of doing business. The strength of a healthcare communications agency is its shared experience in conjunction with a personal and individual approach to client relationships.

An aware public recognizes that it shares an issue and perceives the consequences as being relevant, but it is not organized to discuss and act on the issue. These are presented to the journalists who attend news conferences and often are delivered to invited reporters who fail to attend. Consider the This is not your father's Oldsmobile campaign, which tried to reposition Olds from a line of cars popular with middle-aged and senior drivers to one fashionable for a younger generation. Because of Boston's conservative social sensitivities, it sometimes banned plays or books as being too offensive. Would you consider a pr freelancer for your company?

Also, the media often don't recognize the public relations director as a highranking organizational official; instead they see him or her as a mere mouthpiece for the people they really wish to interview. Entertainers and sports figures frequently are spokespersons for companies and social causes. Some of the most enduring symbols are rooted in religion (such as the crescent, cross, Star of David and the Madonna figure) and country (for Americans, for example, the Capitol dome, the Statue of Liberty and especially the flag). On the other hand, radio generally attracts individuals alone (unlike television, which often is watched by people in groups). Do you plan on hiring a freelance medical writer this year?

Public relations and marketing are distinct yet overlapping fields. Another type of external newsletter is the subscription newsletter, which is often a high-cost publication providing insider information on a particular profession or industry; two such newsletters popular with public relations and marketing practitioners arepr reporter (www.ragan.com) and Communication Briefings (www.briefings.com/cb/editors). Thus news media tactics can further an organization's pursuit of awareness objectives. Or will you turn the page? is the kind of modest guilt appeal that can be quite effective. A good healthcare pr agency excels at creating strategic campaigns and raising public awareness.

That would be more like a publicity stunt, and it raises ethical questions about the appropriate use of research and thus about the organization's professionalism. Finally, remember that any appeal to authority or tradition will be effective only if the audience already respects and accepts that authority or tradition. In some contexts, language itself can be symbolic. In some circumstances, the law requires organizations to maintain silence, at least on particulars.

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