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You don’t have to. I’m just a guy with a theory and a path that worked for ME. But I’ve pressure-tested this theory with countless of the world’s most successful people. Now it’s your turn to use your life and experiences as your personal science experiment to prove that this theory works.

This is a win-win situation. If my guide passes the test then you’re better off and me, I’ll be helping millions of people around the world, while giving the lady that wrote Harry Potter a run for her money. If, on the other hand, my hypothesis flops then all you lost are a couple of bucks and a quick read. You’re back to square one.

But actually on second thought, you’re not. Even if my experiment flops, you will have changed a bit. How? Because I'm confident that this experience will have taught you something new. We grow and mature based on a feedback loop between experience and sensibility. Our brain makes new neuron and synaptic pathways based on the experiences we undertake. In turn, these brainy electrical jolts and synaptic routes tweak our sensibility levels.

Our sensibility levels are what we use to emotionally digest, catalog, and analyze experiences. The more we see, do, and hear, the better our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. A feedback loop, the more experiences the better your sensibility levels… the better you sensibility levels the greater degree you have at properly addressing and analyzing your future experiences. So, even if I don’t make a multimillionaire out of you, I can scientifically prove - without a shadow of a doubt - that you will be a different person after you read this book and performed the exercises in it.

And, what If my method works? Then, you’ll find yourself smashing through lists of goals that you never thought you’d get to. What Is My Method Based On? A couple of years ago I slipped into an obsession of learning about how the world’s most successful people got to where they are or were during the peak of their careers. At the time, I didn’t think to write a book, I honestly just wanted to learn as much as possible so that I could find key themes and apply the knowledge to my life, then share whatever worked with my close friends and family.

The smartest people, the lucky few, the terminally obsessive, even the Morgan Freemans of the industry… I studied all of them. Their speech patterns, their follies, their media screwups, their setbacks, their triumphs, their upbringing, and everything in-between.